Full Embrace

July 23, 2019

The past couple of weeks I have been prophesying over my life with a song.

Sometimes my very best
Is only my weakest yes
You see strength in every movement
Baby steps and short breaths
Anything is progress
You sustain my every moment
You are my oxygen
You’re making me wanna live again
You are my oxygen
You’re making me wanna live again
I love that worship is our obedience to God but I also love that it’s an anthem to speak life into our souls; to shift our awareness from a place of feeling unloved to a place of hearing from the One who was singing over our lives from the beginning.
Lately, I’ve caught myself questioning my purpose and believing the lies that I’m not doing enough. Let me just warn you, this type of thinking only leads to destruction. It only leads to a place of sheer vulnerability that leaves room for the enemy to creep in and tell me who I am not. And the worst part about questioning my purpose is that I’m telling God I am questioning who He is. Instead of relying on His thoughts, I rely on my own senses and become less spiritually-minded.
But as I prophesy with worship and remind my soul that I don’t have to do anything, I just have to simply open my heart to receive what Only He can give me. And He reminds me that His love isn’t based on me, it’s simply placed on me.
There is so much freedom and space to embrace who we are in Him when we shift from a place of feeling like we have to push to make certain things happen, to a place of position inside of Love; allowing the One who walked on water to give us permission to be exactly who He made us to be.
God never intended for us to be a duplicate. He intended for us to be disciples. My heart is so burdened by comparison and that is a big part of why I started this blog. We cannot judge others by the standards of what God has placed specifically on our lives. My stewardship isn’t of your purpose and yours isn’t of mine. This is good news! There is freedom in not feeling bad for the gifts I don’t have because I am fully maximizing what God did give me. There is freedom in not feeling responsible for someone else’s results. God intentionally put a specific purpose on each of our lives.
Lisa Bevere said it best, ‘God doesn’t love his children equally. He loves them uniquely.’ Again, this is good news! In order to fully embrace who I am in Christ and my individual calling, I have to re-position myself to a place of allowing confidence of the One who created me to let me stand stronger than anything else that is holding me back.
I believe fully that there is an abundant need in this world for what is on your life. God did not call me to fulfill your purpose. What is on my life will be different than yours; that’s the most beautiful thing about God. I will say this again because I believe it’s that important to repeat: God never intended to create duplicates. He intended to create disciples.
My hope and pray is that we can all give each other full permission to be exactly who God created each one of us to be and become. I pray we can encourage one another to fully embrace our individual callings. I pray we can glean from the people God sends us, so we can become something the world has never seen before.
I love when people give me practical steps on how I can grow closer to Jesus. Below are 3 steps that have helped my soul walk in His way to walk closer to who He is calling me to be. I pray it blesses you.
Step 1. Get up. Take a firm stand for His truth and His love and what He says about you. It’s time to get out of our excuses and move toward the places He is calling us.
2. It’s time to go. God doesn’t call us to just embrace who we are in Him; He calls us to be His movement. Knowing fully who we are in Him, allows us to go into scary places not asking Him to give us everything we need before we get there, but knowing He has already provided it for us when we arrive.
3. Fully embracing who we are in Jesus doesn’t mean we will have all the answers, because we won’t. The best part is we don’t need all the answers. God knows where we are going and He has a plan for how we will get there.
With Grace and Love,

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