Yes, He Already Knows

July 18, 2017

If you’ve ever thought that God doesn’t see you, hear your prayers, or catch your tears, then keep reading my friend because you’re in safe company.

I just had an hour long phone call with one of my sweet girl friends. It was one of those calls that was filled with a multitude of emotions but so good for the soul. As I poured my heart out, with reassurance that God sees me, I started to question if He really does.

After we hung up, I sat with the Holy Spirit for a few moments. It wasn’t a big ordeal that I believe we often think it has to be. The clouds didn’t break open with angels singing the sweetest of melodies. In fact, I was sitting in old pajamas with a top knot bun, tears streaming down my face (mascara everywhere because I hate waterproof mascara- can we agree that stuff is impossible to take off!?) and barely breathing out ‘Come. Help.’ That’s the beauty of Jesus though… it’s really that simple.

As my thoughts swarmed with ‘Do you see me? Are you hearing me? When will you answer me?’ His voice overpowered the lies. Why? Because He does see me. And He wants to speak to me. 

Scripture reminds us that ‘Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight’ (Hebrews 4:13). There isn’t a prayer that He doesn’t hear and there is certainly not a tear He doesn’t catch.

In a brief moment of questioning His sweet character, He convicted my heart. The problem I was placing on who He is as my Dad doesn’t pertain to Him. It’s a problem of my own heart that He is chiseling in order to continue to build me into the woman I am called to be. If we position our hearts to expect nothing from God, then that is what we will get. 

If you’re in a place right now where God seems distant, take courage that you are not alone. But take heart that God is in the waiting. Hold on to your hope and trust in His unfailing love for you. He isn’t just paying attention to the prayers of the Pastor of your church, or the woman you see on Instagram that is married to the ‘perfect’ husband, or the friend that seems to have it all together. Yes, He hears their prayers. But He hears yours too. And you are just as important to Him as the sinner next to you.

I can tell you with full transparency that He still didn’t give me what I was looking for. But instead, He gave me so much more. Isn’t He good like that!? And to think we question that He doesn’t know what we need. I am picturing Him laughing right now. 

He gave me His Spirit and the endurance to keep pressing on when He’s not ready to unveil what I think I expect from Him. At the end of the day, God owes us nothing. But because He loves us so much, so much that He turned His face to His Son’s death and allowed Him to swallow up loneliness forever, He comes through.

And when the lie creeps in that God doesn’t see me and culture screams that my life doesn’t matter or I am not wanted, I rebuke Satan and stand firm that even if I don’t have an answer, I trust in the One who does show up, Who does provide, and Who will answer with an abundance of grace and love when it fits His calendar.

Because the God I serve, who lets me weep with mascara running down my face, does see me, does hear me, and will come through for me. And in His eyes, I am wanted. I do matter. And the day He began His work in my heart was the day He promised to never give up on me. That’s the voice I listen to.

Lord, thank you for my vulnerable heart. Thank you for Your steadfast love and truth that equips me with your armor to rebuke any lies that try to detour my path from Your Kingdom. Help me remember the lesson you taught me tonight: You always hear me, You always see me and You always come through. I have confidence tonight that you know what is happening in my life and You have a plan. You are good. Always. Amen.

With Grace and Love,




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  1. Janet says:

    Oh honey
    You speak my heart
    My sweet Godchild I thank God for you and who He is in you
    Keep seeking, keeping loving , keep trusting … He is good and so are you !!

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